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Company: Aesthetic Antiaging and Pigment correction

Designed by Dr Bona Lotha MS,Board AAAM(Miami USA)

Board Certified Miami, Fla. American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine,   
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at Yemen Smile Intl Plastic and Smile Train, New York City

Our products are available at :  Namgyal Dorjee 9176980069 New York City 

How to use our products  - mail us :

Dr Bona Training Courses: Non Profit Teaching @ Google Classroom 

1. Aesthetic Vocational Training for mission community workers : FREE

2.  Aesthetic Medicine Plastic Course : Over 35 topics $ 300 only

3.  Guitar Class  and fingerstyle methods : $ 20 only

4. Primary Aesthetic Cleft Surgery with MCQs : $ 30 only

5.  Medical MCQs and concepts (thousands) - $ 30 only

6. Aesthetic Uses of Botox A-Z : all you need to know about aesthetic botox $ 30

Our Smilemakernyc Aesthetic Products Uses

Acne with scars and pigment
Fine lines
sun and age spots

Price: $ 50  for 2 fl oz.    Indian price: Rs 2700/-

Price: $ 30 1 fl oz.  Indian price: Rs 2000

Price: $ 55  1 fl oz. Indian price: Rs 3000

All cleansers below on special offer of $ 15 each Indian price: Rs 700 each

Handcrafted section of

Source of  main ingredients:  Lotion Craft Seattle  WA USA

Prices in Indian Rupees; available  in India for now /can order from US as well

Pigment Lite Ultra kit (50 ml bottles) with perfect 5th cleanser and LA-SA mild peel  Rs 1500/- only
US price= $ 50 for the kit

Under eye care gel Rs 500 only (50 ml) USA : $ 20
 good for prevention of dark circles and  for hydration of skin below eyes 
keeping under eye fresh and youthful
ingredients: willow bark extract,mild SA and  carrot extract,aloe vera in base

Colhibin sun care protects your collagen breakdown Rs 500 only (50 ml) USA $ 20

colhibin is a rice protein botanical extract which inhibits collagenase;
 contains colhibin,aloe in base moisturiser

Preshampoo with soft oils and moisturiser,with shampoo bar Rs 400 only USA $ 15

soap bar color may vary/ pre shampoo is also in a jar 50ml 

Handmade soap ( set of 2)   Rs 300 only- made without SLS  USA $ 7
and using only botanicals with Mn P base
good for sensitive skin